The new Imam (pbuh) then handled him stating: “O servant away from God, your worry passing as you don’t understand it

In a heritage regarding Imam Ali ibn Muhammed (pbuh), it is narrated he (pbuh) reached one of is own friends who was simply unwell and in a great condition away from sobbing and you can grieving and worrying on account of concern about passing. ”

Then your Imam (pbuh) showed an example and you will told you: “If you had end up being dirty, and you may due to the overabundance dirt and dirtiness you’re for the suffering and inconvenience, therefore knew that the way to all this lay inside the your own providing a bath, could you desire to go to a shower and you will clean your self otherwise do you really wish to stay in an equivalent state out-of dirtiness and as a result still experience the fresh distress.” New ill guy told you, “Yes, I’d need to do the bath.” Then your Imam (pbuh) replied: “passing (to you) is the very same bath.”

The idea to be considered regarding the a lot more than society is that, the latest sick people is among the many friends of your Imam (pbuh) and you will is actually familiar with brand new Islamic opinion out of dying, in spite of, is actually greatly afraid out-of death.

step three. Diminished thinking

Some of the people possess comprehended the facts from dying and are conscious of the newest Islamic notion from dying. At the same time, they have and additionally acquired particular details about the new station and also the trip immediately after death, however, regardless of all this, they still concern death.

This worry is not because of the a couple of explanations aforementioned however, as they haven’t provided on their own the equipment and you will things essential for it excursion away from theirs, whenever you are, to the contrary they might be using far more-than-necessary advantages on their establish lifestyle; including a person who knows that however must spend with the rest of his existence in another country, but hasn’t built-up any cash for their journey.

Alternatively, all that they have gathered is in the type of domestic, shop, house or other things which, presently, are neither capable of being altered, nor transmitted. In other words, he has strived and did and you can accumulated a capital, nevertheless money is such so it can not be directed and you will addititionally there is nobody that will buy it. Basically, this isn’t helpful in in any manner to your objective, that he had at heart. Anybody expected Imam Hassan (pbuh): “What makes i unwilling to pass away, let’s for example passing?”

“Because”, responded Imam Hassan (pbuh), “You wrecked your following world and you may created this; without a doubt, that you don’t like to be transmitted away from flourishing in order to refuse.”

This sort of fear of demise, and that comes from the possible lack of preparedness additionally the lack of the latest specifications of the journey constantly takes place with the believers, which in the truth is maybe not concern with demise but rather, fear of perhaps not possessing the adequate provisions essential for this journey.

And so, the brand new Imam (pbuh) of the to present a good example told him the new claims and you may activities immediately following demise and thus calmed your

Some other section would be the fact like a worry often is combined with eagerness. Due to the fact, on the one-hand, a beneficial believer are hopeful for the new Divine meeting and new companionship of your Righteous people. In addition, because of shortage of sufficient piety and the expected arrangements, discovers themselves in a state off stress and you will anxiety, whereas the newest unbelievers do not provides including a fear and you can eagerness.

They worry the actual demise, as they consider this getting an entire annihilation. Naturally, it can be mentioned that driving a car of the unbelievers you may features a common meaning, therefore the factors that cause it could be men and women said and also have those not mentioned.

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