Woman Whatever trouble waits outside these doorways we are safer inside this quarters of light We compose our very own storyline

THE BEST PAGODA OF FUNN « the fantastic Pagoda of Funn, » a frankly nostalgic ballad about two enthusiasts which you will need to shut out the severe world.

The performers is bright tonight The air is nice Though summertime’s more there’s a strange songs on the street

Round the neighbor hood They stare and grin As if they stay their particular life simply to maintain hawaii we’re in But when we fight Next those eager wolves close in We’re omegle dating website one thoughtless term away

From poison skies And severed heads And soreness and sits So adhere me personally I’ll hold your fast and we also’ll build a life with each other into the fantastic pagoda of funn

Of psycho-moms And dying movie stars And filthy bombs Kindly stick to me personally And keep me fast certainly we’ll create some sort of with each other into the fantastic pagoda of funn

PROTECTION JOAN « Security Joan, » a comic, up-tempo blues quantity about a man who drops for an airport security protect, however keeps terrorism as the plot-premise.

Well, I guess I had to develop a miracle easily was going to make my personal journey I experienced to arrive at gate C13 also it was still way out of view

Some thing inside my carry-on bag Tipped off the x-ray device ‘influence subsequently an angel straight from eden Asked us to « step trailing that screen » And when I sensed the rod brush over me personally You are sure that we never experienced thus thoroughly clean

Better, female you’ll not get a hold of my personal title on your checklist Honey you are aware we is not no terrorist Confiscate my personal boots, my cellphone you are aware i enjoy, like, like your Security Joan

This secret shortly will fade indeed we are going to need to operate my appreciation merely to keep carefully the flame from venturing out result in when we fail Next these structure will drop away therefore we’ll fin we are within the domain

I hung around during the Starbucks ‘Starbucks’ is actually a string of java shoppes. ‘Til just around boarding times I then strolled on back once again to the checkpoint Just one thing to my notice

She flashed that crooked look and stated « better, I do believe your overlooked the flight » we said, « there is a small modification of program and I also’ll getting stayin’ for one additional nights » i really could inform from way she looked at me personally every thing had been gonna be-all appropriate

Really, female you may not discover my personal identity on your checklist Honey, you know we is not no terrorist Confiscate my personal sneakers, my cellular phone You are sure that I love, like, love your safety Joan, google search myself today

THE EVENING IS ASSIGNED TO MONA « The Night Belongs to Mona » is all about a suicidal girl, dancing in her own high-rise late at night, afraid going in a single day.

Mona’s become a kid for the evening When she goes out It’s only for blank needs She says she’s got it up to right here with light Although the urban area sleeps which is whenever she appear live

Really, woman you simply won’t pick my personal label on your checklist Honey, you are aware we is not no terrorist Confiscate my sneakers, my cellphone you realize i really like, like, like you Security Joan, hey, today

Yes, the night is assigned to Mona When she is dance alone Forty floor surfaces over the city CD spinnin’, AC hummin’, feelin’ quite ‘AC’ are an air conditioning unit.

Occasionally she’s going to contact at some unholy hr She desires to chat this grim and funny things subsequently she will run all peaceful within her Chelsea tower Chelsea Tower try a 820 leg skyscraper located on Sheikh Zayed roadway in Dubai, joined Arab Emirates. The 49 story building is actually filled by a hotel and domestic apartments. When finished in 2005, Chelsea Tower ended up being the fifth-tallest strengthening when you look at the urban area. And that’s when we hold off To see the facts ends

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